Michael Eisenga, Former Mayor of Columbus and Entrepreneur, Shares His Business Success Strategies with Inspirery

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Michael Eisenga, a successful real estate investor, has been working hard to improve his local community. He shares more in a recent interview on Inspirery.

COLUMBUS , WISCONSIN, USA, March 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — President and founder of American Lending Solutions and First American Properties, Michael Eisenga, recently took part in an interview on Inspirery, discussing his career in real estate, the struggles he faced, and how he overcame them to create multiple profitable businesses.

Looking for a passive income at the time, Michael Eisenga started investing in Assisted Living facilities with two buildings rented on a triple-net lease. When his tenant defaulted on their lease, he had to make a choice: sell the properties and lose money, find someone else to manage them, or start his own management company and oversee the management of the properties himself. With this dilemma, Michael’s first experience in Assisted Living Management — was launched.

“I needed to try to build the value back up,” Mr. Eisenga shares. “Selling them was not an option because I would lose a lot of money. So really, the only option for me was to rebuild these businesses myself.”

For Mike Eisenga, the rest is history. Now, he focuses on improving smaller communities, working primarily with assisted living and senior housing, where services can sometimes be limited. He is interested in improving the quality of life for residents in those communities.

He shared with Inspirery, “The essential services are a place to live…three meals a day. There are some activities that go on at the facility that residents can take part in if they want to. The rest of the services are really a decision that either the residents themselves make or a family member makes if they have a power of attorney. That would include medication management and additional medical services…our basic services include things like laundry and cleaning, as well.”

Mr. Eisenga knows that any successful business relies on making its customers the top priority. Michael consistently looks for ways to improve the services they offer to senior residents.

“There’s a large trend in baby boomers who are getting older — many of them are now in their 70s, some are approaching 80 — who are in need of senior housing. The options senior living that were acceptable 20 years ago are not the type of scenarios that baby boomers are interested in. They want to be in a facility that feels home-like. They want to have activities. They want to be able to go on little day trips, which is something we do. They want to be able to live almost like they’re in a hotel and have full services.” — Stated Mike Eisenga.

Michael has seen that the best strategy for success is word-of-mouth advertising. Happy customers are going to tell their friends. As Mr. Eisenga says, “We want our current residents to tell their friends [about us] because then, we’ll have their friends moving in.”

Instead of giving up when disaster seems to be looming, Eisenga believes in facing obstacles head-on. Because of that, he feels satisfied in knowing that the businesses he built are doing well. He is also excited for the next phase of his career, as he continues to focus on finding innovative solutions for housing for baby boomers, as well as launching into new markets.

About Michael Eisenga

Michael Eisenga is a commercial real estate investor, entrepreneur, and proud father of three boys. His wide range of skills includes commercial real estate investing, property management, assisted living facility operation, leadership, strategic planning, public policy, and community outreach.



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